Wool and Cork Desk Mats

Our merino wool felt desk mats with an additional thick layer of cork for grip

Why Choose Cork and Wool?

Cork alone doesn’t make a good desk mat, but combining merino wool felt with cork works great. With a wool and cork desk mat you get the soft feel of merino wool along with the anti slip benefits of cork.

Close up of black merino wool felt and cork material

Gaming on Felt Plus Cork Mats​

Just like our classic wool desk mats, our wool and cork desk mats are also great for gaming. The merino wool felt we use is compatible with both optical and laser mouse styles so our desk mats can easily replace a conventional mouse pad. Because of its texture, wool felt will increase resistance slightly and feel like a high friction mouse pad.

Gaming mouse on a black merino wool felt desk mat.

Colour Options

Pebble Grey and Charcoal

We have two shades of merino wool available for our wool and cork desk mats, Charcoal(Black) and Pebble Grey. Both shades are paired with a layer of 3mm cork sourced from Portugal. Check out our matching wool mouse padskeyboard mats, and coasters (pictured)!

Merino wool felt coasters, comparison of dark and light shades. Round corners on both

Available Sizes​

To fit in as many desks as possible we now have 11 desk mat sizes along with our wool mouse pads and matching keyboard mats!

Wool felt and cork desk mat sizes with keyboard and mouse for size comparison.

Free Custom Sized Mats​

Just Leave us a Note

Our wool and cork desk mats can be cut to any size and we price each custom desk mat the same as the smallest listed size we can cut from. The largest desk mat we can make is a size of 89 x 56.5cm (35 x 23.5 inches).

For any questions related to custom sizing, please contact us!

maximum size for custom felt and cork desk mat (42 x 42 inches).

Wool and Cork Care Instructions

Our wool and cork desk products should be cared for the same as our wool only desk mats. The merino wool felt we use is comparable to fabric in terms of care and cleaning. The main difference is that felt is made by heating wool in water, tangling up its fibers, and pressing into into shape – unlike fabric which is woven together. The process used to make wool felt gives it characteristics like softness, heat resistance, and durability but that same process makes wool felt unsafe for washing machines. Washing machines risk breaking apart wool fibers that hold the entire felt together. Other than that wool felt can handle use and abuse for years with ease.

Laying Flat

To help our felt and cork desk mats cork to lay flat, try rolling in the opposite direction or light ironing from the wool side. Both can speed up the process even more!

BeaverPeak wool and cork desk mat icon


Similar to our classic wool desk mats, our wool felt and cork mats should only be spot cleaned with of cold water and mild detergent. Our wool and cork products are not washing machine safe.

BeaverPeak wool desk mat cleaning icon

Not Machine Washer Safe

Our desk mats are not machine washable. Natural wool felt and cork will both begin to break apart with high heat and water.

BeaverPeak wool desk mat not washing machine safe icon

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