Wool Felt and Cork Coasters

Our merino wool felt coasters with a layer of anti-slip cork sourced from Portugal. Now available in circle, hexagon, and square shapes.

Available in 3 Designs

Circle, Square, And Hexagon

We now have 3 coaster designs available. We started with our square coasters with rounded or square corners but now we also have hexagon and circle shapes available.

Two Colours Available

Light grey and Charcoal

Our coasters use same merino wool and cork as our desk mats and they’re available in the same matching shades.

Hot or Cold Drinks

Merino Wool Insulates Either Way

Merino wool works great with hot and cold temperatures since it’s a strong insulator. This makes our coasters compatible with all drinks. Whether its a hot coffee while you work or a cool limoncello spritzer on your day off.

Merino Wool Felt
Oeko-Tex Certified
Made in Canada. Free Custom Sizing!

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