Merino Wool Desk Mats

Add a soft premium feel and layer of insulation to your desk top.

We have two shades of wool available for all our mats. We use the same material for our trays, coasters, and wool plus cork mats so everything matches perfectly.

Available Sizes

To fit in as many work spaces as possible we have four wool desk mat sizes available along with 2 new extra large sizes!

Extra Large Desk Mats

Our extra large desk mats are great if you want enough space to place a laptop stand or desk riser along with your keyboard and essentials on your mat.

Wool felt desk mat large, grey,angle - BeaverPeak

Custom Sizes

Custom wool mats can have a maximum edge length of 89cm (35inches) so the largest desk mat we can make would be a size of 89 x 89cm (35 x 35 inches).


For anything larger than our listed sizes, please contact us or reach out on our Etsy store.


Care Instructions

Our mats always lay flat better on one side. You can also flatten them with the help of some light ironing.

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Merino wool can only be spot cleaned with cool water and mild soap since they’re not washing machine safe.

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Our desk mats are not machine washable. Natural wool felt begins to break apart with high heat and water.

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