Wool Felt Desk Mats

Soft merino wool felt desk mats made with an optional anti slip cork layer. Free custom sizing for all our desk mats!

Made from Merino Wool​

Soft, Warm, and Durable

Our meticulously crafted merino wool desk mats seamlessly blend style with functionality. You shouldn’t have to compromise on aesthetics when seeking a reliable desk mat that feels amazing to touch. Our Merino wool desk mats provide exactly that while not only protecting your desk from damage but also serving as a modern foundation for your ideal desk setup.

The quality of merino wool fibers is unparalleled, they’re especially known for their strength They’re also naturally anti-microbial, making it harder for bacteria to linger. Making them a perfect option to create durable desk mats that withstand the test of time. Merino wool is also known for its thermal capabilities. Look up any adventure gear for the hottest or coldest climates. You’ll see merino wool in the running for the best material. It has a natural ability to insulate super well in the cold while pulling away heat in the summers and being resistant to any moisture thrown at it. What that means for you braving the seasons at your desk is that our desk mats will cozy you up in the winter, cool you down in the summer, and easily handle condensation from your favourite drink.

Anti Slip Felt Desk Pads

Merino wool Felt with a Non Slip Cork Layer

Merino wool felt desk mats alone are easy to move around without any weight on them. That’s ideal if you like to easily reposition your laptop or keyboard as you work but if you prefer a desk mat with more grip our merino wool plus cork mats are the answer. They have the same merino wool with the same benefits as our wool only desk mats but with an added layer of cork sourced from Portugal. The cork adds an anti-slip element while keeping our desk mats a completely safe and sustainable option.

Keyboard Mats

Designed Specifically for Mechanical Keyboards

Our keyboard mats are made for 40%, 60%, 65%, 75% and full-sized mechanical keyboards. Our wool felt keyboard mats are made of the same material as our wool and cork desk mats so they have the same premium feel. We can also custom size our keyboard mats for your specific keyboard!

Mouse Pads

For Both Optical and Laser Mouse Sensors

Our mouse pads are made using the same merino wool and cork as our wool and cork desk mats but at a smaller size in case you’d like a separate spot specifically for your mouse.

Merino Wool Felt
Oeko-Tex Certified
Made in Canada. Free Custom Sizing!

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