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All our desk accessories in one spot. Wool desk mats, headphone stands, and more!

Pen Holders & Headphone Stands

Made from matching Oak wood

Our pen holders and headphone stands are both made from heavy powder coated steel with Oak wood so they can clean up your desk and last a lifetime.

Desk Mats & Keyboard Mats

Upgrade the surface you touch most

Wool desk mats made from merino wool and an optional anti slip cork layer. Available with custom sizing for mechanical keyboards.

Wood Desk Trays

Available with and without wool lining

Perfect for holding EDC, phones, keys, wallets and more at your desk while you work. Now shipping all trays with anti an upgraded anti-slip cork base.

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New Wool Trivets

All natural materials, heat resistant, and minimalistic design to fit into any kitchen.

Care Instructions

You're probably wondering how easy spills are to clean from our light grey wool mats.

The Rest of Our Collection

Sustainable and lasting products made in Canada