About BeaverPeak

BeaverPeak was started to create quality desk accessories that were either too expensive for us, shipped from too far away, or not the quality we wanted. We were passionate about making our workspaces better and thought maybe we could make our own accessories. Turns out it would’ve been easier to buy them. But we loved what we were doing and decided to go all in and create BeaverPeak focusing on a few key ideas.

Making Products That Last

More Fasteners Less Glue

The first goal was products that last. We’re at our desk for hours every day and the tools we use should hold up to that. Being sustainable but creating a product that doesn’t last defeats the entire point. Step one was choosing the best materials. All natural merino wool, Canada grown oak, Portuguese cork, steel, and aluminum to name a few. After choosing the right materials we decided to avoid glue at all costs as well. Glue is a great and easy way to join stuff but it often weakens over time and when it fails there’s nothing you can do. So we use fasteners for all of our products. They cost more, take time to install but it’s a worthy trade off.

Closeup of stainless steel fasteners on top of beaverpeak logo.

Investing in What Matters

Sorry for our Ugly Packaging

Deciding to spend more on quality materials and stronger methods of construction means you have to spend less elsewhere. We decided that would be packaging materials, so we use the cheapest possible packaging. A simple paper box with paper padding and our name at the bottom. No slogans, no ads, nothing. Side note – kraft boxes and paper are made of 100% recycled content so that’s a win-win on the sustainability front. We could invest in Apple inspired boxes that give our buyers an experience when they open our products. But that would mean even higher costs and our products already aren’t the most affordable. So kraft paper it is. Packaging is meant for transport and kraft paper does that REALLY well. We’re also confident that the experience of handling our products and how long they’ll last is all what our customers pay for. Not a pretty box that’s meant to be thrown out.

Closeup of packaging box with blue beaverpeak tape.

Lowering Our Footprint

Zero PLastic and More Local Sourcing


Alongside everything we wanted to lower our overall emissions and reduce our footprint. Some decisions were easy like designing products without plastic. Others were harder, like working with local fabricators to create metal pieces they weren’t used to batch production. Manufacturing exists in every country but with varying costs its sometimes easier to ship parts across the world instead of making them in your own backyard. We wanted to avoid shipping and make products locally. It’s an ongoing challenge finding and working working with suppliers that are nearby but it’s another worthwhile investment. Sourcing parts locally and making others in house also lets us customize our accessories so they can fit into your space better.

Grey wool desk pad next to matching grey mouse pad. With mechanical keyboard and white mouse.

Taking Pride in our Work

Loving what we do and taking pride in our work is what ties everything together. Every product is handmade so it gets the most time and attention possible. We also take the time to thank every customer with a hand written note. Because we do appreciate every single order and saying thank you in an email doesn’t cut it. We thank every customer with a hand written note but whether you’ve supported our shop or are just reading more about what BeaverPeak is, thank you. We couldn’t do what we do without your support and refuse to forget the mountain of support that was needed and will always be needed to make BeaverPeak more than just an idea.

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One Tree For Every Order

We’re also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every item ordered from our store. To do this, we’ll be donating $1 USD to One Tree Planted for every item ordered. We’re committing to yearly donations going towards planting trees in all of One Tree Planted’s coverage zones.

Check out our Collection

Wood accessory tray, Natural - Logo

How to Customize Your Order

We can do custom sizing for our desk mats, custom wood engravings on all our  desk trays, and more. Normally all we need is a note at checkout but you can contact us for any special requests.

Wholesale Orders

If you’re looking to purchase more than 5 units of a single item, send us an email at [email protected]

Merino wool felt mouse pad colour comparison, showing grey mouse pad against black mouse pad.