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Hand Made Desk Accessories

At Beaver Peak, we focus on locally made desk accessories created sustainably and with the highest quality possible. We’d rather do things the hard way making things locally to support other small businesses and omit a smaller carbon footprint for each of our accessories. Making things in house also lets us customize our accessories so they can fit into your space better! We believe in minimalist product design and building products that last longer than they’ll need to. If something feels like it’ll fall apart in a year, it probably will. Designing everything in house lets us channel that philosophy into each product. Whether it’s using fasteners instead of adhesive wherever we can or using powder coating instead of paint for a longer lasting finish, every decision we make is to help make our products better than they need to be.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us from all over the world, we’ve finally built our own store after starting our on Etsy all thanks to our customers. It’s been an amazing experience and we’re thankful we can keep hand crafting pieces that people use everyday. We’re looking forward to continuing and creating more accessories!

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Committed to Sustainability

We’re committed to using only sustainable, safe, and recyclable materials for all our products. We use materials like OEKO-TEX Certified Merino wool, Oak Wood (with Oil Stains), Steel, and Cork, that have a lower impact than plastic or similar synthetics. In doing so we also give our accessories a warm earthy feel with neutral colors that fit into any space.

Aside from our materials, we also only use either fully recyclable kraft paper packaging or compostable packaging. We don’t double box any of our items either to further reduce our impact. We’re aware these steps are just the beginning so we’re always trying new ideas and better ways of working.

One Tree For Every Order

We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every item ordered from our store. To do this, we’ll be donating $1 USD to One Tree Planted for every item ordered. We’re committing to yearly donations going towards planting trees in all of One Tree Planted’s coverage zones.

Where To Buy

Our own store! Now open internationally

Our international Etsy store!

Deskmates’ US and Canadian stores

Wood accessory tray, Natural - Logo

How to Customize Your Order

We can do custom sizing for our desk mats, custom wood engravings on all our  desk trays, and more.

Wholesale Orders

If you’re looking to purchase more than 5 units of a single item, send us an email at [email protected]

wood jewelry trays - all colour options