Wool and Cork Coasters

Protecting your desk surface with all natural materials.

Coaster Colour Options

Pebble Grey and Charcoal

Our wool and cork coasters protect your desk surface from rings while matching our wool desk mats. Available in Charcoal and Pebble Grey shades to match our entire line up.

Moisture Wicking

Easily handle iced drinks

A natural property of wool is its moisture resistance and ability to wick moisture away from the surface. This makes our wool a great material for coasters and also means our coasters can handle the condensation buildup that normally causes rings on your desk.


3.75 x 3.75 Inches

Our coasters measure 9.5 x 9.5 cm (3.75 x 3.75″). They’re made with a 3mm layer of merino wool paired to a 2mm layer of cork, for a total thickness of 5mm.

wool coasters - size graphic

Corner Finishes

Square and Rounded Coasters

We can ship our coasters with square corners or with rounded corners to match our desk mats.

Coaster Care Instructions

Our wool and cork coasters should be cared for the same as our wool only desk matsThe merino wool felt we use is comparable to fabric in terms of care and cleaning. The main difference is that wool felt is unsafe for washing machines. Washing machines risk breaking apart wool fibers that hold the entire felt together.


Should only be spot cleaned with small amounts of cold water and mild soap. Wool and cork products are not washing machine safe.

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Not Machine Washer Safe

Merino wool felt, cork, and our adhesive can be damaged high heat and water so our coasters are not machine washable.

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