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About Wooden Desk Trays

The perfect resting spot for your keys, wallet, phone, and EDC accessories!

What is a Catch All Tray?

Catch all trays are medium sized shallow trays made to do what their name suggests, catch your accessories, keys, wallet, EDC gear and more! Catch all trays are designed to be versatile and work as valet trays and also desk organizers.

What is a Valet Tray?

Valet trays are more geared towards wallets, keys, and phones and designed to be used in entry ways, while catch all trays are for a wider range of accessories. Valet trays and catch all trays can be identical in design but depending on what they’re used for have different names.

Felt Lined Jewelry and Watch Trays

Our new felt lined jewelry trays are designed with an additional merino wool layer to protect your jewelry, watches, and keys. The wool layer prevents scratches and provides a soft, lasting base for your keepsakes.

Colour Options

All our trays are available in two oil based stains for a natural and long lasting finish. Natural (light) and Walnut (dark)

For our jewelry trays we can mix and match wood and wood shades to better fit your desk!

Personalize Your Tray

We can now personalize our trays with your logo, quotes, icons, and anything you think of! Just leave us a note at checkout or email us your design!

Tray Sizing

Designed to hold a phone, wallet and accessories, easily

24 x 17.5 cm (9.45 x 6.9 inches),

Height: 2cm (0.75 inches)

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