About our Keyboard Mats

Made for Mechanical keyboards with a thick layer of merino wool felt combined with sound dampening cork.

What are Keyboard Mats for?

Keyboard mats add a grip layer between your desk and keyboard, while raising your keyboard slightly for more comfortable typing. Our keyboard mats also help reduce vibrations and dampen sound.

Making your Keyboard Quieter

Keyboard mats are the easiest way to make your mechanical keyboard quieter, without modifying your keyboard itself. Especially by using a keyboard mat made from sound dampening materials, like our wool and cork mats

Sound Absorbing Material

Wool is known for its sound dampening properties, and combining it with cork further reduces noise. Wool and cork combined is arguably the best sound absorbing material to use as a keyboard mat. 

Keyboard Mat Care Instructions

To help our keyboard mats to lay flat, try rolling in the opposite direction or light ironing from the wool side. Both can speed up the process even more!

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Similar to our classic wool desk mats, our wool felt keyboard mats should only be spot cleaned with of cold water and mild detergent. Our wool and cork products are not washing machine safe.

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Our keyboard mats are not machine washable. Natural wool felt and cork will both begin to break apart with high heat and water.

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Designed for 40%, 60%, 65%, 75% and full sized keyboards, with free custom sizing!